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As a leader in the field for over 24 years, Emanuele Furniture Design can capture any vision and bring it to life withTraditional cabinetry is rich with architecture and character, bringing unmistakable warmth and elegance into the home. Guests feel instantly welcome when entering a space designed with a soft palette and meticulously hand-crafted cabinets. Emanuele Furniture Design’s wide array of specialty woods, stains, finishes and hardware means that you can create a classic look that is all your own.


Transitional cabinetry marries traditional and contemporary elements to achieve a stylish, eye-catching balance. A wonderful compromise between the clean lines of contemporary, and the old-world charm of traditional design, incorporating this style can be a great way to liven up a space or express your personality. Emanuele Furniture Design can guide you in combining different cabinetry essentials to create a fresh and unique look for your own home.


Contemporary home design integrates clean lines, sleek cabinetry, and materials such as glass and stainless steel to create a trendy, airy space. Emanuel Furniture Design garners its years of design experience to tailor modern cabinets in chic shades and finishes that will maximize your space and complement your lifestyle.

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